February 20, 2022


Bronagh discusses social media and mental health in The Irish Times

Our CEO, Bronagh Loughlin, writes about the impact of social media on glamourising and oversimplifying mental health issues and why this is dangerous. The arrival of TikTok has encouraged open discussions about mental health, which is fantastic. 

However, this relatable content also encourages people to self-diagnose instead of accessing professional help. This is harmful to the individual but also affects the wider public’s perception of mentally ill health. 

From this point, it can either be glamorized and not regarded as a struggle or further stigmatised, resulting in individuals suffering and being isolated. Bronagh regularly contributes to The Irish Times on mental health and was shortlisted for Headline’s Special Recognition Award in 2020. 

Read the entire column here: https://www.irishtimes.com/health/your-wellness/2022/09/06/we-must-stop-glamourising-and-oversimplifying-mental-health-issues-on-social-media/ Bronagh also spoke with Ciara Kelly from Newstalk Breakfast further about this issue.

Our Collaboration To Make Waves Continues

Our team collaborated once again with Profit With Purpose Magazine on its latest issue, exploring the Blue Economy and its potential.

A valuable learning hub established for The Institute of Sustainability Studies

We worked with The Institute of Sustainability Studies to create a learning area on their website jam-packed with educational content for aspiring ecopreneurs.










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