February 20, 2022


A valuable learning hub established for The Institute of Sustainability Studies

The Institute of Sustainability Studies is now taking applications for its new online education programmes, which aim to help SMEs and small business leaders become more eco-conscious. Their courses are practical and business-focused and founded by seasoned leaders in certification and education. 

The two courses they are running include the ‘Certificate in Business Sustainability’ and the Diploma in Business Sustainability, which will begin in early 2023. The Purpose Content Studio team partnered with the Institute of Sustainability Studies by creating several educational guides and lexicon articles to create a valuable learning hub for its target audience.

Those interested in the programmes can find out more here: https://instituteofsustainabilitystudies.com/courses/

Our Collaboration To Make Waves Continues

Our team collaborated once again with Profit With Purpose Magazine on its latest issue, exploring the Blue Economy and its potential.

Recording the birth of new climate action heroes

We have been working with One Tribe for several months telling the stories of their tribe members taking action to operate more sustainably over on One Tribe News.










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