About Purpose Content Studio

Excellence is not an act, but a habit.

Purpose Content Studio was established by Bronagh Loughlin in 2020. We help purpose-driven businesses, brands, and individuals communicate their impact and purpose seamlessly. We do this through providing services in content consultancy, writing, proofreading and editing, and podcast and video production.

The time to tell better stories about climate change, sustainability and societal challenges is now!

Purpose Content Studio is an Irish social enterprise that provides journalistic content for purpose-driven brands, publications, and changemakers while empowering aspiring journalists to work in climate and sustainability reporting.

We believe in the power of storytelling to inform, educate and inspire audiences, leaving them with meaningful and thought-provoking insights that encourage action.

We strive to help you communicate your work and impact in a way that would accelerate your mission and further advance your cause.

Our expertise expands across areas such as climate and sustainability, mental health, and societal issues because we see these areas as hotspots for change.

Some of the topics that are close to our hearts are Social Entrepreneurship, Circular Economy, Climate Innovation, and Impact Investing, among others.

Why work with us?

Working with us means collaborating with fellow advocates and expert journalists, understanding what you are doing and the challenges you are facing while wanting to make change happen as much as you do. Concentrate on your mission with the peace of mind that your content is working for you in the meantime. Whether you want to educate, motivate or mobilise your audience, we will find the right angle and format to tell your stories in various ways, from writing articles or blog posts to producing podcasts or videos.

Buy Social

Collaborating with us means you are also supporting the Buy Social movement since we are a registered social enterprise and run the Future Feature Program, which enables aspiring media and communication professionals to become wordsmiths for change and gain skills and experience.We also established the Climate Journal news site to expand the frontier for climate solutionism journalism and inspire climate action through engaging journalistic content.


We empower changemakers and organisations doing societal good to help them better tell their stories, communicate their impact and drive positive change through meaningful, thought-provoking, educational, and informative journalistic content.

Let's Collaborate
Core Team - Purpose Content Studio
Bronagh Loughlin - Co-Founder and Leading Journalist
Szilvia Szabó - CEO, Content Editor, And Journalist
Amour Setter - Film and Video Consultant