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March,13 2021
Our Collaboration To Make Waves Continues

Our team collaborated once again with Profit With Purpose Magazine on its latest issue, exploring the Blue Economy and its potential.

March,13 2021
A valuable learning hub established for The Institute of Sustainability Studies

We worked with The Institute of Sustainability Studies to create a learning area on their website jam-packed with educational content for aspiring ecopreneurs.

March,13 2021
Recording the birth of new climate action heroes

We have been working with One Tribe for several months telling the stories of their tribe members taking action to operate more sustainably over on One Tribe News.

March,13 2021
Bronagh discusses social media and mental health in The Irish Times

Bronagh is a regular contributor to The Irish Times and writes about her experience of mentally ill health. In one of her latest columns, she explores the impact of social media on mental illness.

March,13 2021
Spreading the importance of inclusivity in sport

We worked with Clubforce to spread the importance of inclusivity in sport following their recent partnership with the Rio Ferdinand Foundation.

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