March 30, 2023

What difference does it make to work with impact writers?

Navigating the digital world is an everyday challenge for most of us, and quality content couldn`t be more important to purpose-driven organisations for raising awareness and driving their mission.

However, the online space is very competitive, considering that more than 6 million blog posts per day are being published worldwide, according to a 2023 summary by Zippia. The same report also states that despite the overwhelming number of blogs, it still plays a significant role in communication. 

More than 60% of consumers make a purchasing decision after reading articles on a brand’s website or watching vlogs on YouTube. And it is not just about marketing and purchasing but helping your readers to make a decision and act on it!

This only underpins the relevance and importance of producing unique, engaging content that can boost your impact.

Content is more of an umbrella term since so many different types and all can be used for various purposes, from videos to written articles, podcasts, and everything in between. However, written content seems to remain on top, particularly for businesses, social enterprises and mission-driven organisations.

This comes down to numerous factors. Namely, written content is what we know best, and processing it differently compared to multimedia content. While there has been much speculation, online written content is not nearly dying, just like the book industry is still thriving despite so many predictions that online editions will take over readers. Digital and even print articles continue to be incredibly valuable for brand awareness, lead generation, and of course, SEO.

In a universe where it is so hard to gain the spotlight, how do you compete?

Like the online space, the writing space is overflowing with incredible and less talented writers alike. 

Therefore, it can be challenging to find the best candidate to safeguard your message while bringing it to life.

Working with generalist writers can quickly present limitations regarding more complex sustainability or social issues, especially related to business, research or policy.

Collaborating with impact writers means working with people that have a stronger understanding of both the work you do and the bigger picture. This strong understanding only results in more high-quality content that engages your audience. 

You could use every help in presenting your content to fight the ever-growing challenge of trying to stop people from scrolling.

Impact writers not only have a solid understanding of your business, but they have knowledge of the field you operate in. This can be hugely beneficial when compiling pieces and trying to cater the content to audiences that may not have the same level of understanding as you. 

Working with a generalist writer may seem like a way to save costs initially. However, if they do not have the level of comprehension as a specialised writer, more edits could be required, costing more money. 

Moreover, generalist content creators may not know how to flip an article to make it the most relevant and engaging for audiences.

Along with edits, typically, more research time would be required so that the writer can become familiar with the area you work in. And even so, it can lead to misinterpretation or misunderstanding resulting in less credible and accessible content.

By contrast, partnering with an impact writer means you can cut out that stage and save money there too. 

A cherry on top is collaborating in a shared value arena instead of using a service.

When working with impact writers, you share the same passion, and your writers are devoted to making change happen just as much as you are.

Working in impact fields can be a significant undertaking, and surrounding yourself with passionate people who can empathise with that challenge makes all the difference.

Ultimately, working with impact writers means partnering with passionate professionals with a deep understanding of the bigger picture of sustainability, climate crises, social challenges and complex issues such as the Circular Economy.

Producing high-quality and unique content, all while advocating for your enterprise, impact project or NGO, is just in the DNA of every impact writer.

Could it get any better than that?

At Purpose Content Studio, we are dedicated to working with experienced specialists to amplify your message in the most engaging and credible manner possible.

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