February 20, 2022


Inspiring action at least one day per week

What if we all started to live more sustainably one day per week? What about a Sustainable Sunday? This is what Willie thought when she began the Sustainable Sundays blog. 

After witnessing so much destruction and the difficulty many communities and ecosystems are experiencing, she decided to try and make a difference. Her aim with the Sustainable Sundays blog is to inspire people to live a bit more consciously, if only for one (Sun)day. 

The Purpose Content Studio team has played an integral role in providing content for the Sustainable Sunday website to help educate visitors on the importance of acting more sustainably, even if for one day per week.

The blog is currently live and packed with information on how you can lead a more eco-conscious lifestyle. You can check out the blog here: https://sustainablesundays.com/ 

Our Collaboration To Make Waves Continues

Our team collaborated once again with Profit With Purpose Magazine on its latest issue, exploring the Blue Economy and its potential.

A valuable learning hub established for The Institute of Sustainability Studies

We worked with The Institute of Sustainability Studies to create a learning area on their website jam-packed with educational content for aspiring ecopreneurs.










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